What brokers offer Free Island?

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  1. Anybody know of any DAT (or even non DAT) brokers that offer unlimited, free Island? I know Cybertrader does, but I don't like some of the other fees they impose, such as their bogus two minute "benefit" fee of "only" .005 per share! Ameritrade offers free Island routing as well, but not for stocks trading under a buck. I'm looking to pay per ticket (not per share), so brokers such as IB won't work either.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. look above you...i think xoom is free.....most firms give you a choice where by you won't be charged but you won;t get rebates either
  3. call again...ask for Joaquinn....tell him TM Sent you....:D
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    I know Redwood does.... (but also per share pricing) Don't know if they can make a deal...
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    There is a proprietary firm in NJ that will get you what you want. But, it's a prop deal.

    Contact me offline if you are interested.

  6. I think redwood is out of business.....anyone know for sure??
  7. For Canadian trader, Questrade used CyberTrader and has free Island and unlimited amount of shares $9.95 a trade.

    That is what I pay.
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    is redwood really out of business?
  9. "Yes, but you also pay $.005 per share on any partial fills executed outside the two minute window. I can't have that.

    Read the second to last paragraph from the bottom:


    I don't know about Cyber USA, but Questrade uses CyberTrader and partial fills on one ECN in one day are only one commission. I have called them about this and checked my history.
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    I think betatrading.net in NJ offers free INET ats service. ( Formerly ISLD/INCA)
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