What brokers do Professional traders use? Do they have any problems?

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  1. Hello Friends,

    I am exploring to know what brokers do professional use.
    However, i think ECN and DMA FX Brokers are highly important.
    What brokers do professional traders use?
    Do not they have any problems ?
    I know many many people trade for living in Forex market, and other markets (futures, options, equities).
    Do they have problems too, with like platform freezing, re-quotes, etc. etc. what a small trader happens to occur with?

    Also any professional trader here, which broker you use, and pros and cons please. This will be an assistance for myself and others. Appreciated for your detail reply in advance.

    Thanking and Regards,
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    What do you mean by a "professional" trader? The term can have a variety of meanings.
  3. Professional trader.
    With years of experience.
    Someone depositing 10K-20K +
  4. I think your confusing a professional trader with someone who is not broke lol
  5. 1) If you have less than 20k you probably shouldn't trade.

    2) I know of CTAs that have used FX brokers like Crown Forex that tanked. The CTAs can also loose millions that way. It seems like they do better home-work on brokers than most retail, but even that is not enough in some cases. It all depends on what services they specialize in.
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    u meant small traders. small traders are not professional. They are sole losers!

    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!
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    No offense, philipjb, but you have been asking this question for a few years now.

    Have you chosen a broker yet, or are you just searching for responses to complete a survey?

    Finally, from where will you be trading--Pakistan, Dubai, or the USA?

    from 2006: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=1122553#post1122553

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    I think that such traders prefer trading directly on exchanges.
  9. Big traders trade on exchanges. re OTC FX, there are venues like the telephone and IM still in this age of bloomberg terminals.
  10. what about manged forex? I presume with a few mill they don't go the usual retail broker way?
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