what brokerage firm/software are you using for scalping?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by newguy05, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. what brokerage firm/software are you using for scalping?

    Been doing paper trading scalping using TOS desktop software as discussed in another thread, it just seems limited and no chart less than 1 min.
  2. TSSOX


    Whatever you do, just do yourself a favor and steer clear of TradeStation.
    If you're retail, go with IB and Ninja Trader.
  3. Actually TOS just released tick charts today, along with futures market depth.

  4. Transact Futures for stock index futures.
  5. buybig


    ppuulleesase dont try to scalp w/ TOS..

    they dont even have a DOM (futures) available..

    i called em and the tech asked why wouldi want to see the book???!!

  6. MTE


    Really!? I didn't get an email notification...weird.
  7. Yes, go into TOS charts, style, intraday and you'll see tick charts available there.

  8. As I said, they released futures depth of market today.

  9. Trading Technologies is the best, and the most expensive.

  10. check the spam mail, i got the message but in the spam .this thick chart is very nice.i still trying to figure out the depht of the market feature but everything seems same as usual, i will wait until market opens .
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