What broker and trading platform allows you to easily see individual lots purchases on different sto

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  1. invortex


    IB uses average cost on their TWS, same with Schwab. It is only when you go to sell that you can click which lot to sell.

    I am looking at a platform to show me my different lots and how much I have lost or gained in different lots.

    Can anyone help?

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    While we might attempt it and find it insightful on various/individual *investments*, it would quickly balloon to unmanageable size with even the smallest amount of actual trading.
  3. invortex


    On Fidelity website, when you click on a position, you can choose "Purchse History/Lots". Under that, you see all your lots and different prices and up to the minute gains/losses.

    I didn't think it was a big deal, until I switched to a broker who didn't have this feature and it is really hurting my trading.
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    As an economist, I can tell you, it don' mattah a'tall.

    Whether you're thinking about iron ore, rail miles, labor inputs -- or entering or exiting a trade: wise decisions are made at the margin, not the average.

    (This would be, like, Rule #2 of All Things Econ -- right after T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L.) :wtf:

  5. What does this setting do ?

    Complex (Multi-Leg) Positions

    Group legs into complex positions/Hide complex positions - Elect to "Group" legs to show the position as a single combination strategy. Elect to "Hide" complex positions to display legs individually
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    Are you talking about your lots or trading data from other clients?
  7. invortex


    No, my own lots
  8. invortex


    They are not options. They are long/short equity trades. They told me I can write it under "notes" but I want the p/L calculated for me in real time.