What bothers a trader the most ?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by pengw, Aug 13, 2009.

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    For me, it is the feeling of regrets, what is yours ?
  2. Losing on a winning day aka not following my system.. :)
  3. Feezar25


    missing on train because wanted to give more time for confirmation..:)
  4. not having a mobile phone ready with my brokers number when my internet broke down:(
  5. My thick wallet in my back pocket.
  6. Whether the coke I'm about to snort off this model's boobs is going to make her ticklish.
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    trading doesn't feel like work or business cause it's not a 'real' job or business unless you have clients or trading for somebody..trading your own money feels like go to the poker table every day. feels like i'm playing a game.

    got get another business,job or hobby..cause there isn't a lot of work to do.

    some traders only work 3 hours a day or first 2 hours of the day. and they go to regular 9-5 job.

    with some traders who automate their trades there isn't much to do

    with some much computer automation,,,hedge funds and even prop firms just lay off traders with fully automation.

    in the late 90's you had entire buildings with filled with traders like a video game arcade.. video arcades aren't as big as the 80's everybody plays at home now. everybody daytrades at home now with high speed internet connections

    NYSE trading floor is so quiet just computers doing all the 'work' the trading clerks just sit there and turn off the computer at end of day.

  8. having no signals thanks to barack obama
  9. Then you should stop "trading" and limit yourself exclusively to the P&R section. :p
  10. Oh, so THAT'S why I've been getting extra signals!

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