What books to read?

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  1. Hey...I am not looking for tips or "strategy" type books...Does anyone know any books that talk about a specific trader or traders?

    Similar to market wizards and pit bull?

  2. Pinocchio:D
  3. bstay


    one that is similar to Market Wizards series is "Millionaire Traders" (2007) by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg. interviewees are:
    Dana "Dan" Allen
    Rob Booker
    Chuck Hays
    Hoosain Harneker
    Franki Law
    Indi Jones
    Roland Campbell
    Tyrone Ball
    Ashkan Bolour
    Paul Willette
    Marcelino Livian
    Steven Ickow
  4. another great book is called:
    "How I read every book in the world about trading but still lost everything" by NY HOOD

    seriously, reading books do nothing. you could get some ok tips on reinforced behavior such as an organized trading desk, preparing for each day ect... books will not teach you to trade.
  5. Hey NYHOOD

    what part of I'm not looking for tips or strategies didn't you get?

    I like reading about other traders...

    Get a life and stop responding to posts here if you don't have something useful things to say.
  6. winner take all

    education of a speculator

  7. The books are all BULLSHIT including the one praised so much everywhere, "Reminiscence of a stock operator"

    There is only one book worth following bu nobody at ET would ever dream of mentioning it and besides even if mentioned it would be too much hard work for the HERD who prefer to be told when to enter and exit.
  8. I like the Jack Schwager books. They're easy reads and I learned a thing or two.
  9. Chuck Hayes is in prison for falsifying the records for his hedge fund.

    When he was portrayed in that book, he was not profitable.

    Be careful what you read.
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