What books shaped your trading mind?

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  1. And why?
  2. By far without a doubt Trade Like a Hedge Fund was the one book that I read and got TONS of ideas from. I started to make money on a consistent basis after reading that one.

    Why did it help me so much? It made me focus on that type of trading. To quantify as much of your trading as possible. I literally trade without looking at charts. All I use is a spreadsheet that has historical data along with my trading signals.
  3. My mental diary of my own trading history. Spot mistakes, fix them, carry on.
  4. When we read, another person thinks for us: we merely repeat his mental process. It is the same as the pupil, in learning to write, following with his pen the lines that have been pencilled by the teacher. Accordingly, in reading, the work of thinking is, for the greater part, done for us. This is why we are consciously relieved when we turn to reading after being occupied with our own thoughts. But, in reading, our head is, however, really only the arena of some one else’s thoughts. And so it happens that the person who reads a great deal—that is to say, almost the whole day, and recreates himself by spending the intervals in thoughtless diversion, gradually loses the ability to think for himself; just as a man who is always riding at last forgets how to walk.

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  5. Fooled by Randomness...

    Not on my personal trading, but trading in general.
  6. So you're saying not to read and think on your own? I don't understand what you're getting at. I don't even buy any of that.
  7. "Meditations on First Philosophy"
  8. I just threw the thought and link out there, fwiw.

    On the short side, always reading never read. We read a book, try the idea or buy into the idea, toss it, read another book, same results. Learning is internalized by writing, can't write without thinking, we can read without thinking.
  9. Liars Poker
    For obvious reasons......
  10. De Civitate Dei by Saint Augustine, has guided every aspect of my life.
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