What book or class influences your trading today the most?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bobcathy1, Nov 14, 2002.

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    I am curious as to what trading book, tape, class or guru influences your trading today the most. I think it would be interesting and helpful to know.

    Mine as you probably guessed is Don Miller. It is his Emini course that influenced me the most.
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  3. "Art of War"
  4. No one book, but the combination of em all with my discussions with other traders...
  5. Trade Your Way...
  6. by Martin Schwartz
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    Well, you can give us a list if you want to. I would say a lot of my "tweaks" came from other traders too.....

  8. Sure... here is a selection of what's currently sitting in front of me on my bookshelves (even the ones I find crappy overall have the occasional gem in them)...

    1) The Steve Nison Books on candlesticks
    2) The Schwager Market Wizards Series
    3) The Tharp books
    4) The Farrell books
    5) Baird's Electronic Trading Masters
    6) Ingebretsen's Guts & Glory of Day Trading
    7) Lukeman's Market Maker's Edge
    8) Toni Turner's books
    9) Friedfertig and Wests Electronic Day Traders' Secrets
    10) Larry Williams' books
    11) Various books by or about Jesse Livermore
    12) The Tony Oz books
    13) Yu's Underground Trader
    14) Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets
    15) Articles and books by Linda Raschke
    16) Articles and books by Jeff Cooper
    17) Hill and Pruitts Ultimate Trading Guide
    18) Anuf and Wolf's Dumb Money
    19) David Nassar's books
    20) The Mark Douglas series
    21) General technical analysis stuff by Pring, Murphy, and Achelis
    22) Various monthly trading magazines

    There are probably other books lying around my home that I have failed to mention above...

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    Hmmm....you have quite a reading list. Going to take me a while to get through that one:D
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    "Education of a Speculator" - Niederhoffer

    I think this is a definite must read for this business. The chapter on horse racing probably influenced my trading style more than anything else I have read.
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