what boils my noodles

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    what boils my noodles is that all my deep research into market and coming up with cutting edge advantage

    its all unnecessary,

    simple trend following does the trick

    but I am not satisfied, all my night and day work was pointless, I feel tricked, laughed at

    as if the market is saying

    HA HA, made you work hard, when you didn't have to.

    I bet there are more of you like that out there
  2. not really, well armed is the result.........you still have to make your own strategy, own m/m system.......the thing is that the markets are for (a single account holder) a testing ground, what you'll believe, what you'll accept..........you can only trade what you know at the time you know it........no mentor and youre on your own.........

    so the upside of what you say should be obvious.........maybe you could get revenge by setting up some tutorials on what areas of data to avoid, or maybe, show that what was useful is now bunk...........trading is a lot about attitude as well as knowledge............btw.........the market isnt "saying" anything............your post is about you............good hunting

  3. Market didn't FOOL YOU, YOU FOOLED YOURSELF. The reason automated trading is successful in the markets is because humans over-complicate simple things and over simplify things that should be given real thought.

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    Computers can not handle the thought process , so KISS.. .. :D
  5. When you're boiling noodles, be willing to buy Barilla or DeCecco pasta instead of Creamettes or Prince. It's worth it.
  6. If your noodles get boiled once too many times, soon you will be eating Ramen.
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    Bingo-- Find a good basing, reversal or continuation entry technique and let the trailing stops do most of the heavy lifting. Trading is very very simple.
  8. I would suggest you backtest your theory. Simply trend following has no edge. It will appear to make you money when the market is mostly trending, but you will lose all of your profits and a bit more when you get whipsawed. If you alter your signals to attempt to avoid whipsaws then you will find yourself missing some of the trends. You will still be net unprofitable in the long run.

    Make sure you backtest your ideas before trying them out. A backtest will allow you to filter out many bad systems early. A system that passes a backtest is not necessarily guarateed to be profitable. But a system that fails a backtest is pretty much guaranteed to be unprofitable.

  9. infooo


    guys guys slow down

    lets not give away what we know LOL

    by the way, I worked on a market reversal indicator that is a true work of art

    I won't publish it yet, it took me 3 years to complete it, but keeping in mind that I worked day and night it 6 years almost

    well anyway, the sad thing is that I don't need it, my KISS strategies actually outperform my indicator

    but I am still proud of it

    and will release it to all you people as a intellectual gift

    PS it goes way beyond OHLC data :eek:
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    raystone thanks but not needed

    I've been at this for a while
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