What background colors are you currently using for your charts?

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    With a white background it is easier to download and print your charts. With a gray background the contrast is less and harder to see channels and FFT.

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  2. My eye doctor said . . .

    Eggshell background will have you seeing well into your 90's.

    Dark backgrounds will have you in pain by your 70's.

    I'm 50.
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  3. ==============

    and also lighter charts on larger timeframe; next to a window, natural sunlight, keeps me from staring at screen continually.:cool:

    Carrots eaten do seem to help.:p
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  4. I like shades of grey for background and solid greens and reds for candles. White background cause me eye strain. I like my ma lines thick and easy to spot.
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  5. Sierra Charts show as grey background and print as white, perfect. You will burn through a lot of $$$ ink cartridges printing all stuff in colors.
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  6. Black background. Green + candles, red - candles. The standard QuoteTracker defaults.
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  7. The only thing that bothers me about QT's candles is you cannot use both solid and hollow candles at once in the same chart.

    That means if you have a down day that closes higher than the open, you'll see a green candle, even though overall it was a down day. Vice versa if you're up on a day but close below the open, you'll have a red candle on an up day. That paints an imcomplete picture.

    Take a look at the attached chart comparison, you'll see exactly what I mean. QT is on the right, with just its simple red/green. On the right is stockcharts.com, which uses both hollow and solid candles, allowing you to see a better picture of what happened on each day.

    I've emailed Gerry Medved about this, but he said it cannot be coded differently. The only thing I might be able to do is code paintbars to show a different color on those types of candles, perhaps a different shade of red/green..

    Don't even get me started on why certain candles are different sizes in those identical charts of the $HSI, that's troubling... Also, if I load up any identical chart in QT and stockcharts.com, almost every indicator spits out a different value from each source.. *sigh*
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    Thanks KGB -- I agree, to be honest I really like the Tradestation Candles, wicks and body have different colors... most software packages don't allow for that... including Ensign...
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  9. I agree with Prof - you do NOT want a dark background if you want to keep your eyes in decent shape. There is a reason why books, magazines, etc. typically all have white background and dark text.

    I used to have black background and colored candles till I read up on this and asked my eye doctor. I don't use white for charts - just a light/pastel blue. It's very light though.
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  10. Thanks I'll try that. Could turn out to be one of the more valuable posts I've read on ET. :)
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