What are your thoughts on JAVA (Sun) for tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by azzzy, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. azzzy


    I bought JAVA as a swing trade a couple of weeks ago right before it dropped along with the rest of the NASDAQ. Since then the market has recovered somewhat but JAVA has been staying low - $0.30-0.50 below my entry price. For me there is no particular hurry to sell it (although I intended to unload it the next day) so I kept it waiting for it to get above the entry price and make a profit. Which it just did today in the extended session. The earnings that just came out outperformed the projections (albeit lowered) and in the afterhours the stock went up above my original target price. Since then it dropped somewhat however - not a good sign. My question is how indicative is the afterhours prices after the earnings come out of the next day session? Do you think JAVA will go up significantly on the news (like a $0.50-1.00) or should I take what I can and get out as soon as I get a chance?