what are your professions beside being a trader?

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  1. Question for full time/part time traders out there. What are some of you guys profession beside being a trader? For example, I'm a desktop support for a financial firm. Fortunately, there are some down time during the day which allow me to do part time swing trading. Some day I even have time to do day trading in the morning or afternoon. I have been swing/day trading for the last 6 months and I have began to turn green recently.

    Just write below what are your other professions if you have one and how long you have been trading and if you profitable or not?
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  3. please no smart ass answer like the one above.
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    It isn't a smart-ass answer. It is a smarmy answer to a stupid question. There is no such thing as "part-time swing trading." Swing-trading by its very nature is a "full-time" endeavor. You dig? You want "part-time", scalp. You want full time? Scalp a LOT, or swing/position-trade.
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    In fact, I can give you a great example right now. I went long in June NQ about an hour after the open tonight. I have been watching the charts, feeling the motions and mood for the past 3 hours, and when it dropped a little I decided to hedge short the March NQ. I just am not feeling where the equity indices will be heading by tomorrow's open, so have locked myself into a maximum total of from BE to about +/-$50. Depends on the slippage.

    This is where swing trading and daytrading meet. It is an amazing place to trade from. Exciting, heartbreaking, but not for someone working a 9-5er who needs reassurance that what they choose to do will work while hybrid trading with their current career. IMHO, one cannot day/swing trade from a standard 9-5er.

    If you can, drop the 9-5 and go all in on your NEW career of day/swing.
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    @Overnight I am sure you have heard the phrase "Don't quit your day job" :) Not everyone is ready to give up the guaranteed stacks of money arriving in our bank account each month.

    As for myself, my day gig is writing software for a software company. Hope to have my own company soon.
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    Indeed. But it you treat trading as a full-time profession, and a business, there is no room for both a day-time job and a trading career. IMHO.
  8. no you are trying to be a smart ass since you think i'm a noob and this is my first post. i'm trying to make a friendly conversation and want to know if other traders here have other full time job beside trading.

    a little more about me. i do short term swing trading in us equities. long only. i don't short selling. i don't do margin. i don't do future, derivatives, options, penny stocks or crytopcurrency.

    i follow trend, price action, support and resistance. i enter a stock base on some criteria and signal. i don't use a lot of indicators. i must admit i'm still learning. even though i support the trade floor, i don't really learn how to trade until recently by learning risk management, position sizing, putting stop loss, techniques to follow uptrend etc. it took me only 6 months to finally turn green. now all 3 of my regular account: roth ira, traditional ira and regular accounts are in stocks instead of etf or index fund.
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    It WAS your first post.

    Short-term swing trading long-only in US equities. Okay, whatever that is.

    So you are investing, not trading. Yes, support that trade floor!
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    Inserting some humor in the dry subject of trading.
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