What are your monthly and yearly expenses for trading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mahram, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. I was wondering what are your guys monthly expenses for trading and investing, including research, data, software, websites, and everything else excluding commissions.
  2. negligible
  3. No vote option for $0-100.?...My cost is just my internet $49.95 per month.

    But I just buy options and usually turn right around and close them out if they hit my profit target of 35%...not a stock trader/scalper at all...I can surely see though how traders can have much higher monthly expenses.
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  5. $55 for prophet data feed
    $30 for another prophet data feed

    2 IB accounts (free)

    2 subscriptions to quotetracker (I love it) $7

    Business DSL ($110) USed for other things as well

    around 200 or so.

    Just trading expenses,

    there are a lot more expenses such as my electricity bill being $400 a month :D
  6. wow.... a thread about another thread.....and i thought i was bored..
  7. Cable Modem..... $49.00 mo
    Tradestation..... $100.00 mo
    Data Fee..... $45.00 mo +

    Ability to put it all together & make sence of it.... Priceless!!

    :D :D :D :D :D
  8. like you guys my costs are mostly research related,
    I pay 35 cdn for extreme cable *part of a home package*
    another 35 for dsl homenetworking telus
    20 us for ib level II nasdaq
    about 200 month for esignal including exhange fees
    2750 a year prepaid for 3 years for streetinsight,
    actionalert plus, realmoney,stocks under 10, valueinvestor, etc package just email there sales department, they are very accomdating and will try to give you a deal for the best deal
    250 for business magazines and wsj.com/barrons
    250 for briefing.com
    and I use to subscribe to streetaccount but I found it slightly more useful then briefing
    300 for various magazines, trades thats I research
    not including books.