What Are Your Golden Rules?

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  1. What are the golden rules you follow every time to ensure success?
  2. If there is a holy grail, I don't know whether people really want to share it in the public. One thing for sure is, buy low in a bull market and sell high in a bear market.
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  3. Whether it's buying shares, calls or puts, this is key advice from buffet!

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  4. He's an humble man so he won't tell you his recipe in the public :) Whatever he talks about in the public is his philosophy which is less relevant to his trading
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  5. JSOP


    Never ever never ever chase!!
  6. Never ever never ever chase [price]!! Agreed :)
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  7. not true: if your strategy says to go for it go for it... the best trades are also often the costliest with the highest slippages that run away right from the start not providing an opportunity to get in again
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  8. Quite often, I have seen many traders suffer (including me), when physiological factor plays in trading decision and that's when I am not following my system. But true if you have a system, your should follow your system :)
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  9. JSOP


    Never ever never chase in real life either. Always let others come to you. :)
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  10. maxinger


    I always tell myself ...

    When there is continuation or reversal signal, take it without hestitation,
    without double checking, without triple checking.

    Understand market condition, and occasionally chase after the market
    at whatever price.
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