What are your favorite Wall Street/stock related movies?

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  1. I suppose "Wall Street" with Michael Douglas is at or near the top of the list. Although the "greed is good" go-go 1980's have become cliched, the plot of the movie and the characters are still interesting to me. What trader wouldn't want to do the deals that Gordon Gekko did? The big office overlooking Manhattan, the million dollar deals, the perks of being a big time trader, the house in the Hamptons....it was very romanticized. Although it did show the downfalls when you cross the line into illegal deals.

    Douglas also played a big bond trader in "A Perfect Murder". I couldn't help but fantasize after seeing the movie. He's in a similar office that he had in "Wall Street", with a row of Bloomberg terminals and computer monitors nearby. Plus you throw in his penthouse apartment, his wife (Gwenyth Paltrow) and his overall lifestyle and it makes being a "trader" a very appealing profession.

    Barbarians at the Gate didn't deal with trading per se, but the inside veiw of Wall Street it showed was interesting. "Boiler Room" had a good story, but it didn't romanticize trading that much. There was a darker undertone to it.

    What other Wall street "trading" related movies do you like?
  2. i would say wall street also
  3. I loved Boiler Room, not for the trading aspect (it's got nothing to do with trading at all really). I was a telesales team leader at the time it came out. I made every one watch it. Motivational stuff!
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    Definitely "A Corner in Gold."

    Hard to find, but the best trading movie I have ever seen. They run it on TRIO quite often, if you have DirectTV. If you have TIVO, just search for keyword TRADER.

    -- Dave
  5. the best movie i ever saw on trading was called "the trader" a documentary on paul tudor jones calling the 1987 crash. i gave my copy away, and it is now out of print---- if anyone has it, let me know !:(

    my other faves---wallstreet, rogue trader, billionaire boys club, bonfire of the vanites.

  6. IRAF


    Definitely <B>Rogue Trader</B>
  7. 3dog


    "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis.

    All time best -- just cracks me up!
  8. somewhat related: barbarians at the gates.

    The true story of the nabisco LBO in the lat 80s. Very funny.
  9. Bonfire of the Vanities / Wall Street. Both epitomized Wall street during the 80's
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    Pale Rider (Clint Eastwood):D
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