What Are Your Favorite Trading Strategies?how Do You Trade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. dsq


    My trading strategy is simple.
    My universe of stocks is the dow 30 stocks.
    I buy a stock when it has mini selloff and reaches support on an established intrday range...I short when it reaches the top/resistance of that intraday range.It is a very basic and simple technique.

    I know most of the successful and the big traders here use very sophisticated parameters and indicators like candlesticks and other stuff i cant even pronounce!

    What is your preferred startegy?
    I would like to step-up my intraday trading and would like to know what stocks and indicators,tools you employ.
    Also do you pick your stocks from the most active lists or do you have a select few like myself.

    Thanks for your input.
  2. This is essentially what I do except with the ES. Simple is better, imo.

  3. I'm not sure what your definition of successful, bit-time traders is, but some of the best traders I know don't use any indicators.

    Their system is very, very simple.
  4. buybig


    are you successful?

    lost size? scale in out?

    please share more.

    im in the KISS camp.. i mostly use technicals w/ tight exits

  5. I use:

    5 min ES bar chart w/ volume
    Pro rated volume tool
    DOM (to gauge price action/place orders)

    thats it :)

    oh and live news feed for econ releases, news etc
  6. Very interesting, Steve. 5 minute bars the smallest time frame you use?

    I'm only a few months into the full-time intraday world but I'll be sure to check out a day's action watching only 5's sometime soon. I assume this means that you must use commensurately bigger stops. Although I was tempted, I didn't start a thread entitled "Goddammit, I am very often right in terms of my directional calls in the ES but I am always getting stopped out by a little headfake-type thing before the market goes in my direction". I didn't start that thread because it's been said about 1000 times here, hasn't it? In fact you're one of the ones who's willing to talk to newbs about it.

    Bigger stops are looking appealing to me right about now.
  7. For Futures:

    2 minute YM
    5 Minute ES
    PRV Calculation
    Channels and Gaussians

    If i want to go deeper into the rabbit hole, I'll also add STR/SQU, DOM, OTR Chart and T & S. Most days, these clubs don't need to come out of the bag.

    - Spydertrader
  8. RL8093


    Everybody has their own risk tolerance but bigger stops just means more losses to make up for. I prefer to keep my stops small and know when it makes sense to re-enter after getting stopped out. The shake-out makes for a higher probability play. How many consolidations do you see that shake out on one side and then truly break out on the other? They're some of my better trades.....

  9. jtnet


    How does one use the DOM at all for ES?
    at most, upon hours of staring at it i can pick out a tick when there is like a single digit bid or ask, usually somone will hit it and move action .25 point, other than that its hard to see any tactical gains from it.
    someone please enlighten me?

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