What are your favorite intraday stock plays?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SwingOutOn5, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. and what is your horizon, mandatory liquidity,etc.

    tape reader, chartist.....etc.

    fav plays: AAPL, NVDA, NTRI, SWN, STLD

    my horizon for day trades is less than 10 minutes usually, so 10 min. is my time stop

    i use aapl and nvda because of their volitility and liquidity, swn because if it's having a good day, you can ride it for a while, and ntri and stld because of their wild swings.

    i like to stay w/ stocks w/ over 1mm shares daily, but i don't stick to it all the time (i.e.: ntri)

    i enter trades based on tape and hold and sell based on tape and chart

    oh, and I guess this is important: i'm profitable only about 50% (or less) of my trades - see results on trader PnL board

    i hope this will be useful to others

  2. Why do you have a time stop?
  3. Well i like to trade qqqq aapl intc dell
    all depends on the market and the time the high,s and the low,s
  4. i have a time stop because if what I'm in isn't moving, something else is

    this way, i can get out what I'm in and go lose money faster in something else :D
  5. what if it is still moving:confused:

    time stop sounds weird....you should exit if it stopped moving. not wait for a time period to elapse.

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    there are a lot of systems that use time stops.
    The logic behind is: if the trade is not going in your favour after n bars/time, statistics show, it likely will go against you .
    You can test that with an adequate piece of software.
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  9. well, if you look at my PnL, I'm obviously not getting something! If something is moving in the correct direction (which is rare), I'll hang on until the tape says otherwise.
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