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  1. Stumbled upon this and thought it was interesting since it seemed right on point.

    Whattya y'all think?

    "People tend to be Stupid about the Names that they give unto themselves to express what they stand-for.

    Muslims call themselves “conservative”, but they mean Fascist Fundamentalists, because they absolutely Dictate all Social Rules, based upon the Koran & Sharia (Caliphate) Law.

    A “liberal” is a Socialist, who is not Liberal nor Tolerant, but is a Fascist who would Dictate all Social Rules, demanding complete obedience.

    A “libertarian” is a Conservative, who believes in Freedom, a Minimum set of Social Rules & Laws, achieved by a Small Government.

    An “anarchist” does not accept No Government, but is more Radical than a Communist, desiring Everyone to actually be part of the Government.

    “Progressives” are not concerned with Progress, but are Socialists who accept taking steps to arrive at Communism, rather than supporting Revolution.

    Communists are not focused upon Agriculture & Communes of Growers, rather they are Marxist Socialists, who detest Capitalism and attempt to replace Banks, Wealth, & Business Executives with Government Planning & Direction.

    And, Nazis are Fascist Socialist, with a National & Ethnic identity, who wish to Dictate Social & Economic behavior based upon a standard set by a Leader, who claims to embody the wishes of the people."
  2. Judging from that list I'd say the modern day capitalist, you know the privatize profits, socialize losses types, they would fall in the Nazi category with their set leader being the corporation, an entity now deemed to be a person.
  3. Then we can call the politicos Nazi's since they are the ones deciding to socialize the losses. We already know none of them are capitalists.

    Speaking of which, the hoopla over Facebook is setting up- "too big to fail", "could destroy the global economy", are the phrases already being thrown around in day 4 of trading.

    Politicos just can't understand this winners and losers thingy.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I have been claiming I am the following the whole time, and according to this definition, I have been right.

  5. I've always claimed to be 'conservative' but every time I take one of those online tests to determine your political leanings, I get libertarian.

    Either way, as it's described is exactly how I am.