What are you pro gov't healthcare people going to do when...

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  1. Based on a statment by Barry himself he believes that some terminally ill people should be sent home with pain medicine to save the cost of an operation that may extend life by a few years.

    Now my question to you pro healthcare people is...

    Let's just say you have a 3 year old child and god forbid but your 3 year old child gets terminally ill. There is a procedure available that would extend the child's life by another 3 years but the gov't says NO and you child will die within 6 months.

    Are you on board with the gov't taking away that 2 1/2 years of your child's life to save money?

    Me personally, if my child were ill and some douche bag said no to the procedure that would extend life by 100% there would be a problem.

    I honestly can envision that happening and people taking matters into their own hands and hunting down those that say no to life extending treatments.
  2. I think part of the Pelousi plan includes a provision forbidding terminal illness for children. This helps brings down the cost curve.
  3. Sorry I missed it.

    It actually says any child who gets terminally ill faces fines of up to 250k or has to spend 3 years in prison.

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    Actually denial of treatment is what HMO's do everyday and is one of their key principles.That is how they save money and pump up their profits.HMO's are death panels.You obviously dont read or refuse to believe.And you are strongly misinterpreting obamas wording to fit your argument.In fact denial of treatment based on cost would be a thing of the past with govt healthcare.Not so with hmo's,that is their bread and butter.
  5. The kid will die before the procedure even gets done. There will be so much paperwork bogging the medical community down that it will take a year for the paperwork to process for that procedure to be approved.
  6. Medicare and Medicade deny treatment far more than private insurance.

    An analysis of almost 10,000,000 insurance claims by the AMA to seven private insurance companies and Medicare between March 2007 and March 2008 reveals that more than half a million (574,591) claims were denied, and the chart above displays the percentage of claims denied by each insurer during that period. Medicare led the group with the greatest percentage of insurance claims denied (6.85%), more than double the denial rate for private insurers like UHC (2.7%), Coventry (2.9%), Humana (2.9%) and CIGNA (3.4%).

    You need to get yourself educated.

  7. you missed the part where he indicated he was talking about terminally ill elderly. like in do we give a 95 year old granny with alzheimers a heart transplant. i am sure that was an honest oversite on your part.
  8. Actually that's not what he said. He just related his idea to save money to his own grandmother not to patient's in general.

    Obama said during the ABC Special on Wednesday night that a way to save healthcare costs is to abandon the sort of care that "evidence shows is not necessarily going to improve" the patient's health. He went on to say that he had personal familiarity with such a situation when his grandmother broke her hip after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer

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    Oh god you beleive any info provided by an hmo that could be used against them?That survey would be suspect at best.Hasnt the ama been against universal healthcare all along?

    So what kind of denials are they talking about-skin rashes and or suspect back pain?
    Lets see how many life saving treatment denials have been documented at Medicare vs HMO's.HMO's win that big time-that is their bread and butter.Just think of all the transplants and cancer treatment denials.
    Yeah id really like to know when was the last time someone got cancer treatment denied by medicare.Id like to know the last time someone was bankrupted by medicare???Over 750,000 hmo clients are bankrupted every year by med bills despite having coverage.
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    youre talking about an hmo here surely?
    My doctor is still disputing an overcharge bill from my hmo from 8 months ago.We are talking about 75$ here folks.My hmo wanted to deny payment of a doctors visit i made!No procedure just a visit.The hmo is trying to say my reason/condition/illness was/is a pre-existing condition!!!!For 75$ these hmo dicks will try to deny and scrounge every last penny.

    I pay myself for coverage.I am not covered by an employers plan.You people who are covered/subsidized by a group plan dont have to deal with the battles.You have no clue.Wait til you get laid off and enter the real world of hmo coverage.Good luck.
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