What are you presently reading?

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    I tried to find some recent pictures of that lady, but all I know is that her name is Maria, so I had no luck finding her.

    I would say she was around 20 at that time, so now she would have to be something like 37, and I think it is highly probable that she is still a very attractive woman :)
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  2. %%
    American Hedge Fund\T Sykes, Millionaire Media LLC, Proverbs, my trading notebook, charts like SDS, SPXL, spy,QQQ,VXX..............................................................
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  3. Hello mikeriley,

    I never read a trading book as it felt it would be useless and waste of time.

    If reading a trading book was the key to making money, everybody would do it and make money.

    Why would someone write a book giving out their strategy on how to make money? I sure would NEVER in my life write a book on how to make money trade. I can just trade make money.
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    Why would someone with that kind of attitude be on a trading forum?
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  5. Hello deaddog,

    How you doing buddy?

    In this trading, there is more than one way to skin a cat. The goal is to make money. Reading at trading book can help, I just chose to never read one. Too many to pick from to read and I have no time. I enjoy just starring at the chart and make fast decisions. There is about X,XXX,XXX books out there on trading, seems like a waste of time to me picking one to read that can make me money.

    "Why read a book to learn how to trade, when I can stare at chart and learn how to trade and just trade?" SimpleMeLike
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    I consider you a rare breed of trader. I don't doubt
    there are some exceptionally talented traders/investors
    who glean profits without ongoing education.

    I do believe essential knowledge, wisdom and
    insight can be attained from reading, such as
    risk management and how to develop
    a trading system.

    Trading is a brutally competitive occupation.
    One of my objectives with ongoing education is to stay out of
    sync with the losing majority. Therefore I read/study the
    past exploits and wisdom from the minority of successful traders.
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  7. I started this one from the local library tonight. I am on Chapter 1: Bitcoin is a Bubble.

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  8. Hello mikeriley,

    For me, reading trading education books is not needed. There is too many to pick from. And how the heck can implement every trading book idea or strategy. LMFAO hahaha, I be 80 years old trying to test all that stuff. I honestly never felt the need to read a trading book. Yes, I google a few things. That is not needed

    Everything I need is right here on ET forum. I just ask questions and got the answers the same day.

    Honestly I do not see the need to read any book that exist. I have not read a book a since college. My time is used for better things, then reading a book. Life is not that complicated. Now I did buy trading video course only to get voice instructions and pictures on some trading concepts and get straight to point.

    You see, I know this trading industry is full of scams and liars. That is the ONLY education I need.

    Staring at the chart will NEVER EVER lie to me. Reading a book is full is LIES and Bullshitters trying to make money.

    Enter a trade and exit a trade. Nothing else to learn .
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    Your posts are structured like poems!!!

    You're an artist for sure...:D
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  10. Yup, no need for that when a 2-minute tictok video is all you need to get up to speed. :D

    BTW, I'm going through a few Youtube videos of self-declared investing gurus. Watching all the ones who were advising everyone to ape-in to 'meta' and Roku at the top because... it was such DEEP VALUE. :wtf:

    They're still touting the Deep Value even now... "Don't run away, please bid up my stock!"
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