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  1. alanm


    People are (understandably) unwilling to talk about what commissions they are paying where, so perhaps an anonymous poll might provide some idea what the going rates are.

    Naturally, this should only be for those who are getting 100% payout, and should be exclusive of SEC, ECN, and other miscellaneous fees.
  2. I gave up making Polls on ET, because REAL traders

    Do private (PMing) survey with traders, and you get
    honest answers.
  3. I put my false vote, and look at the results just
    the opposite way:confused:
  4. alanm


    I'm not sure what benefit someone would gain by lying on this poll.
  5. Forget what i said, but have a look at this poll.
    Does it give you any idea of what traders are

    What i am saying is based on observing ET polls for 1.5
    years, when it comes to sensetive polls like this.

    It's a common sense, buddy:confused:
  6. alanm


    I don't really understand what you're saying.

    The poll is, indeed, providing useful information, though I wish there were more votes.

    If you are one of the people paying > 0.006 for >1M shares, I'd think you'd be interested to see that people are paying far less, and for even less volume.
  7. gam1111


    Does anybody think that all this cut-throat commission prices will lead to a glut of traders and less profitability per average trader?

    In another words will this lead to a glut of MOOKs?
  8. aren't you a mook your post on the other page makes me think that. so if you can get a good deal why not

    Quote from gam1111:

    Atlasttrading mentioned that a lot of the traders are making $2-$4 k per month.

    What percentage of traders there are making that amount?

    What percentage of traders there are doing over $10k or $20k per month?
  9. gam1111


    Are these cut throat commissions a danger to the business being flooded by wanna-be traders?
  10. alanm,

    Interesting and useful poll.
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