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    For an example ,when I see pic's of traders doing their work I usually see four monitors being used. I can only imagine that one monitor would be used for mulitple time frame entry/exit setups, second monitor for analysis, third monitor for the front end platform. My question is what would the fourth monitor be used for besides email,web surfing,p*** etc. What more should a trader be looking at? Any info and /or additional pic ex. would be appreciated, as well as a good laugh!!:D
    Thanks SteveH
  2. When I'm not trading from my laptop and using my desktop multiple monitor setup...

    That 4th monitor or 5th monitor can be anything you want:

    * Backup broker or backup charting program (best done on a second computer connected to a different ISP)
    * Chat room
    * Trade Journal
    * Financial News TV
    * Rotating pics of your family
    * Many many other things depending upon the imagination :p

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  3. Depends a lot on how you size your charts. I like big charts. Pretty easy to fill up 4 monitors.
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    So other than recreation, the fourth monitor serves more as a backup? Does anyone have any pics as an example?
    Thanks Mark(aka NihabaAshi) & easyrider

  5. i am looking at this right now.

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    You lookin' at me?
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  9. just kidding. actually i find 3 large monitors to be perfect. that way you can keep them all on one horizontal plan. i don't like stacked monitors and if they are above my line of site don't find them useful.
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