what are you guys using to capture screens/draw on charts?

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  1. a lot of people here are uploading charts with their comments, etc. on them. just wondering what everyone is using to do the drawing, etc.? i know a good tip is to save it as a .gif, but what are some good programs? i've been using an old version of snagit to capture the screen. then i do the editing in photoshop. photoshop is kinda overkill though for this purpose. i'm looking for a simple program that captures screens, allows you to draw on the pics, and can save to .gif..all in one program.

    any suggestions?

  2. god forbid if you ever get that capability here :-D
  3. already figured out how. :) the new versions of snagit do what i want. :D
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    I've just started to use HyperSnap-DX. How does it compare to Snagit?

  5. i just highlight the window i want to capture..hit the PrintScreen button....then go to the Paint program in windows accesories...and paste the chart on...draw away!:D
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  7. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    In case you're interested, we added a few publishing tools in eSignal 7.02 to make it easy to capture your charts or entire layout. With 7.1 due out later this month, we'll be taking this a step further with a new file sharing site. Our goal is to make sharing and trading files between users as seamless as possible.

    Although not 100% finished yet, you can take a sneak peak at the new file sharing area here:


  8. I take a picture of the screen with my 35MM camera, run to WALMART to get it processed, then I scribble notes on the picture using a very small pen. Then I scan the picture into my computer with my scanner and post it.
  9. I know a really cool feature you could add to esignal that would really help increase sales -- A PRICE DROP??

  10. Aphie - instead of scanning it back in, fax it directly from Wal*Mart to your faxmodem card. Saves time :D
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