What are you guys doing with your non-trading $$$?

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  1. I don't need a large trading account to execute my trading system, so I withdraw the profit every 2 weeks or so.

    Most of them are now just sitting in multiple savings account, but I feel like there has to be a better way to grow that money since the savings interest rate sucks big time nowadays.

    What do you guys do with those $$$?

    Do you buy ETFs? Index funds? Mutual funds? Under the mattress? Gold or other precious metals? Savings? CDs? Bonds?

  2. Since you likely consistently loose money, deposit more every week .
  3. Loose bitches and tight hoes.
  4. Start doing due diligence and homework on hedge funds. 25% (25% at a minimum, I'd say depending on your age, 40%-50% is better) of your net should be spread across several hedge funds or funds of funds.

    Another option is seeing a good private wealth manager, most will work with you at 1 mil minimum.

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    I don't understand, what is non-trading $$$? Everything is trading money. If you don't trade it, you invest it. Anything you do not spend, becomes savings. So you'd better have some kind of plan for how to manage it, unless you like 2% interest rates on cash.

    Every trader is a 1 man hedge fund. If you can't invest or trade long-term, or don't want to, then just set up a passive ETF buy & hold portfolio and rebalance quarterly. See my long-term portfolio thread for details.
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    Recently went long-term long on a few blue chips and ETFs. Ford, GE, Duke Energy, Citigroup, Financials, Real Estate, Russell 2000. The challenge now is to keep my hands off them for 3 years!
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  9. VLT or HIS
    Open ended funds, DWS Strategic Hi Income or Global Bond.

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