What are you ER2 fellows doing...

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What are you doing about ER2?

  1. ER2 forever! I'm going ICEskating

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  2. ER2 RIP. Other minis here I come!

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  3. It's over. I'm going into real estate...

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  1. Shraga18


    about the move to ICE? Will you be continuing on to ICE, or going over to one of the other minis?
  2. 1-DAX
    ...will never ever think about the ER2 again..."bye, bye"...
  3. ZB

    occasionally ZG/EC/QM.

    hopefully another contract similar to ER2 will come along via globex. love that contract, but ICE will kill its volume.
  4. Why is everyone assuming that there won't be any volume on ICE? I looked at the order book at around 10 a.m. today and there was plenty of depth. There may not be much actual traded volume, but that's probably just because everyone is still using Globex to trade it for now.
  5. We are available to answer any questions about trading Russell on ICE. Please email us if you have have questions or concerns. Also, check out www.theice.com/russell for free real time quotes.

    thank you.
  6. becasue it barely has enough volume on globex. ICE has been consistent as an exchange. Consistent at crashing.
  7. Shraga18


    Ray, thank you. It may be helpful for readers for you to tell us a little about yourself.
  8. In response to Shraga18, I am the head of sales for ICE US products. Our goal is to have a smooth transition to the ICE for all Russell traders. we are available to help any way we can.

    Ray McKenzie
  9. MarkB


    Thanks Raymack,

    It would be nice if you could do something with the data vendors, like what CBOT did with the YM when it was trying to promote it; offer the data on the contract(s) for free through Esignal, IB data, etc. I'm sure that many of us would be more willing to check it out if we didn't have to sign up for another exchange. Unless I'm wrong, your free data offer doesn't apply through these channels and many of us have charting packages already linked to a specific data vendor.

  10. we offer a free Russell and Dollar Index data package to all vendors and it is up to them to offer it to their customers. The following vendors have it now:

    CQG, DTN, ICD ESignal, GL Trade, Options Express, Thomson Reuters

    Expected soon:

    Townsend Analytics, Bloomberg, Tradestation

    If there is anyone else who you feel should have it please let us know. As I said, we offer it free to all vendors, all they have to do is pass it through to you. let me know what else you need.

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