What are you doing tomorrow?

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What are you doing tomorrow?

  1. Sittin' on the sidelines

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  2. Shorting the indexes

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  3. Shorting the financials

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  4. Bargain hunting

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  1. What are you doing tomorrow?
  2. trendy


    Taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves.
  3. How can one possibly know in advance of seeing any action which direction to play?

  4. That sounds about right :)

  5. gov


    I've got my levels figured for a bounce, which I think is most likely. Should that not develop, I expect chop her after last week's largish move; so trade as if chop. Might sell off more but I think that's the lowest probability--not saying if won't go down a bit early but I think it unlikely to see follow-through.

    Bottom line, just trade what you see, and be nimble here; I would not get too bearish at this juncture since the weeklies are all still a screaming uptrend/buy.

    Until proven different, that is.
  6. It should be interesting. Seeing the Asian action, probably going to short the open and snag a few. BSC looks like another nice short. Chances there are an afternoon rally are fair. Tuesday should be dead until Uncle Ben speaks.
  7. I don't know. Someone tip me off on something.:)

    On Tuesday if by some crazy reason, the FED does a surprise cut (which 99% people believe won't happen, myself included) what financial stock would you make a huge play on? Like a CFC, WM,or maybe a LEND, IMH, etc.?
  8. sELL your dxd
  9. What am I going to do for sure tomorrow?

    Well, that is easy. Wake up(assumption w/ 99.99999% of probability). Eat (if I wake up 100%), relief my self (100% if I eat),

    and maybe start out shorting YM in the morning but look for a reversal in the noon.
  10. Turn on my computer
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