What are things you can do to prepare yourself to trade after waking up?

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    I have an issue where I impulsively try to trade as soon as I wake up and turn the computer on and it's costing me a lot of money because I am sill feeling groggy and can't focus and don't follow my rules. I know I need to stop doing that, but what are things I can do to stop myself from trading when still sleepy?

    And what are some things you can do to prepare yourself to trade after waking up?
  2. I like to take a dump... takes pressure off of the brain.
  3. Keep her busy every morning and you will be fine.

  4. Whoa! Could you ever get drunk enough to hit that??
  5. The man needed something to keep him from trading in the morning. She will do the trick :D
  6. So would eating a salmonella burrito!
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    Ha ha, very funny. Now can we get some serious answers pls?
  8. Seriously... to succeed in trading, you must be analytical, logical, and have discipline. If you can't do that, then trading is not for you.

    If you feel pressured or compelled about ANYTHING... you've already got a strike or two against you.
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    A nap can be really refreshing. So get up 3 hours earlier than usual and take a 2 hour nap before trading! :)
  10. Do you have a written trading plan? Are you following it?

    How many trades do you average a day? Why don't you sim the first signal you get and take it from there.
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