What are the top Hedge Funds in the world?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by killATwill, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. I know Bridgewater and Tudor...
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    MacKay Shields has a lot AUM i know, but they aren't traders.

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    Are they related in any way to MacKay Shields?
  4. Check out the Trader Monthly 100 which profiles the head of SAC, Ren Tech and Centaurus, among others...
  5. thanks petro, but not a member. can u cut and paste the list of top 100?

  6. if I want to check out the track record of a particular HF

    is it as simple a thing as looking it up on da bloomie " GO HF " ?

  7. what do you mean top hedgefunds, do you mean by performance, size, or just sheer luck :D
  8. total profit
  9. .. How about the fellow mentioned in the Wall street journal today ? ... Worth a couple billion and outperformed nearly everyone .....
  10. Yep, Simmons runs Ren Tech, at the top of the list...
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