What are the steps to automate a system?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Nimbus, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Nimbus



    I have a system I would like to automate for forex. What steps would I take? I'd like to run a large backtest....which software should I use for this? After I have tested it, how then do I get it coded and who could automate it?

    Are there any information sources to learn how to do all of this?

    Are these the steps:

    1. Create System
    2. Backtest it
    3. Code it
    4. Automate it.
    5. Activate and trade it.


  2. nbates


    1. Envision it
    2. Code it
    3. Test it
    4. Run it
    5 Tune it

    all IMO of course!
  3. rickty


    Do a web search for Metatrader. It's free software and it will solve your automation needs as well.
  4. Yes.
    If you have a mechnical trading system on hand, you need to automate it.

    However the problem is how you can automate your trading system. That's the point.

    I still get no clue how to automate my trading system.
  5. elit


    Almost anything you can think of can be done with a computer. It's just a matter of knowing how to tell it what to do.

    You either need to know how to program, or need to know how to use the software that is already available.

    First step is to have a system- a tradingstrategy that is profitable. Then you program your computer to do the trading for you.

    Some steps in automating
  6. twalker


    I have run fully automated strategies for a number of years.
    I use tradestation to do this. Currently TS8
    The development and testing has to be rigorous and you need to be sure you are not kidding yurself by over optimising your parameters. One very clear fact is that the simple systems are the most stable and tend to continue to perform through all market conditions. Get your sizing and exits right do not concentrate all your efforts on entry.
  7. Chabah


    I think you'll find my threat called "Chabah on Automated Trading" to be helpful during the planning phase.

    I don't see how you can backtest a system before coding it. Also, after you automate it you will need to backtest it some more to make sure the coding and automating are working as designed.

    Each of those points implies a significant amount of research and work.

    Note that if you can't code there are many TradeStation programmers who can implement (code) a strategy for you. My friend is using one and it has been pretty painless for him.