What are the safest USA banks

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    How safe are your banks?

    Which USA ones are safe to keep money in?

    I like this one - stock symbol TNCC but the stock is off 84% in 6 months. I use their cash management system as it works well for wires / ACH / etc.

    The 84% drop makes me wonder about them.
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    Maybe not a bank?

    Like discount brokerage.
  3. Lucrum


    While I may be wrong, the way I look at it. If sufficient numbers of banks fail that the feds don't/can't bail them out. The money in the banks is no longer worth the paper it's printed on anyway. So why worry about it.
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    Of the big banks, I think Wells Fargo, Chase and US Bank are pretty safe.
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    Look into your local credit union...
  6. schwab bank
  7. Bob111


    assuming that we are talking about hundreds of thousands, not millions or billions of dollars then the ones that FDIC insured. cause FDIC backed by the gvt and gvt can do whatever the f**k they want and print any amount of dollars. but diversification always helps.
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  9. as a dutch guy i am a bit biased, i would say the dutch Rabobank. yes yes i know it is not american, but it does have a few offices in the USA. The bank is every year within the top 10 or top 5 of world safest banks according to global finance.
    Rabobank has a AAA credit rating from the rating agencies Moody's (since 1981), Standard & Poor's (since 1981) and DBRS (since 2001), which makes it the only private bank in the world with a triple-A rating. It is not listed on any stockexchange and does not have shareholders.

    The first American bank within global finance top 50 of worldwide safest banks (2011) is BNY Mellon ( at place 24 ), then JPMorgan Chase ( at place 34 ).
  10. people's deposits will always be safe even if every bank in america fails. first, politically it would be death if people lost money in a bank run. second, guaranteeing all the deposits is a drop in the bucket compared to the other stuff that gets bailed out. third, there is nothing inflationary about guaranteeing deposits. people are just getting money that they thought they had anyway.
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