What are the risks of shorting Bear at $5?

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    What are the risks of shorting Bear at $5?
    What are the probability that these risks occur?
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  3. The risk is that Lewis is getting the support of other shareholders (BSC employees hold ~30%) and will vote against the takeover @ $2 and ask for a little more.
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    Revised Q. What are the risks of shorting BSC at 6.20 no wait 6.30
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    the BSC is not a done deal, the shareholders are going to vote no.....BSC could trade as high as 8-10 dollars.

    They said if you picked apart the company it has a value of around $7,000,000,000

    JPM got a great deal at $250,000,000
  6. It really surprises me how many people are saying that the deal is going to get rejected.

    Things to remember about the BSC deal:

    1) JPM secured the right to buy the BSC building, regardless of the acquisition. BSC gets kicked out of the building?
    2) JPM is running the BSC balance sheet.
    3) BSC employees have cleared out their desks
    4) No one is working at BSC right now
    5) What would you suppose will happen to BSC for the next 3 months, if JPM backs off on the notion that the bid will likely be rejected?

    Having said all that, I'm short BSC from $5, but I did that on Friday when BSC was at 30.
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    What's your source for the above? I was not aware of some of these points.
  8. I think it would be crazy to be long BSC right now. I'd short in APR/may. Honestly, if BSC rejects the bid, it would be even better for the shorts. It's JPM or broke.

    EDIT: Source for building bid being separate from stock swap: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120580966534444395.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

    I don't have time to look up the JP-running-Bear article. Just go to the Bear building and peek your head in ;)
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    Unless you have inside information I wouldn't touch it :)
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    even inside info cant be trusted....:D ask big joey lew
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