What are the options for trading on CURRENEX for a retail trader?

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  1. Hello,

    For a retail trader with a trading account of $10000 is there any other option to trade on a currenex platform than PROPFX?


  2. FXPimp


    fx chicago is the only one i know of.

    May I ask why you want to use currenex? (just curious)
  3. Go to Hotspot, $30 per M, $7500 mininmum
  4. Does Fxchicago mark-up the spread
    on Currenex or commission based, if
    so how much ?

    minimum for currenex with them ?
  5. $$$lover


    I would go to IB.....
  6. So your going to trade lots with 10K?
  7. Herring, There are but, from what I have seen, 25k is the minimum account size, and you will not get interbank spreads. Also I believe on this kind of account the minimum trade size is 25k units. To get the interbank spreads you need to go up to $80-100k account size.

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  8. FXCHICAGO offers currenex only to institutional traders not to retail traders.

    I am not sure yet if I want to use currenex I just want to check it out and only through FXCM if I do not have any other options. In FX-WEEK it won the best platform of the year title. Maybe this FX-WEEK award is just an advertasing scam, but anyway I check it out.
  10. I found one!


    They have currenex and FXall platform!
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