What are the normal prices of the CTA outsourced work?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by slash2859, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Hi,everyone,

    I have passed the series 3,but the complicated work relating to CTA is time consuming and annoying,so I will probably have to outsource almost every aspect of those to a third party.I am just wondering how this works?

    First,I need a CTA friendly broker who can do some for me.Initially I wanted to open the account with Interactive Brokers,But some said that the IB's exclusive policy is not suitable for the managed account business,for they only accept IB accounts,no other brokers' account can be connected to IB accounts.Therefore,I likely have to find another broker who is friendly to CTAs. Who have some ideas on this?please recommend one or two.

    And second,the outsource fees.I have consulted some service providers,but haven't selected one.I want to know how much are the normal prices of these?I mean,concerning the accuracy and reliability,how much should I pay?Again,please recommend one or two.

    Every comment will be greatly appreciated!