What are the most professional automated trading platforms ?

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  1. I have multicharts and ninjatrader , what others ?

    With Ninja you don't have to known a specific language , any other with this feature ?
  2. Amibroker
    Blackwood API
    Bracket Trader
    Dorman Trading (Service supplier)
    CQG Trader API
    Globalfutures.com (Service supplier)
    Interactive Brokers API
    Laser API
    Matlab (IB-Matlab)
    RCG (Service supplier)
    Robotictradingsystems.com (CoolTrade)
    ZeroLine Trader
    Zulutrade (forex only)

    I found this list....
  3. May be a list, but it's the most professional is a toss up between Multicharts and Strategy Runner.
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    It is my opinion that NinjaTrader is very "amateur" for running automated strategies. Quite honestly, I am not a big fan of NinjaTrader in general, though. What automated trading software do people move on to, once they graduate from NinjaTrader?
  5. Most put so much effort in finding the most professional platform while they lack a robust strategy to trade.

    The problem of most traders, I say 99.99%, is that they lack a strategy. Some they do not even know that. They think the solution is a fancy platform.

    Amibroker is fine for my purposes although it could be a little easier to use.
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    I cringe whenever I see NinjaTrader described as a platform for professionals.

    RTS or ORC is within reach for a decent individual trader.
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  7. I am quite satisfied with MC, overall it has proven quite reliable and I can quickly test different trading ideas.

    Moved to MC from NT.

    RTS and ORC websites seem full of sales-jargon and not so much hard features.
  8. Uhhh, did you try asking them? You might want to invest in one of these devices: http://bit.ly/HrYStv
  9. Yes... and no.

    Even a simple trading approach that works...
    Is worth 1000 sexy retail trading platforms.

    On the other hand...
    It's all about execution, execution, execution...
    And that usually means CUSTOM infrastructure in 2012.

    Most platforms discussed here are "retail"...
    Not "enterprise" = something a bank might build on...
    Here's some of the enterprise platforms...
    Though the various Reuters platforms are #1.

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