What are the most popular trading strategies?

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  1. schizo


    What are the most popular trading strategies, especially by the HFT/Quants? I can only think of 4: Front-running or spoofing (obviously :sneaky:), arbitrage, trend-following and mean-reversion. Anything else?
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  2. vol replication
  3. trend2009


    what is that?
  4. trend2009


    i can not think of anything else either.
  5. tomorton


    How successful are HFT/Quants?

    We know that EU brokers have only about 20-25% winning private retail clients. Amongst private retail traders it always seems to me that trend-following is the least popular trading strategy.
  6. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Order book depth analysis for sure.
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  7. Baron, do you use anything like Bookmap? That seems to be the basic idea behind it, and I'm getting pretty interested in it.
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    I have to maintain a neutral position here at ET since we have so many sponsors that offer competing software with similar features, so I don't comment on what I specifically use. But generally speaking, I would never even bother with intraday trading if I had no insight whatsoever into order book depth.
  9. Carry
    Value and momentum factors
    Stat arb

    Read the Illmanen and Pedersen books. Highly recommended.

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    which book?
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