What are the lowest commissions possible on the es

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  1. Im an hft guy who does equities and am very interested in attempting to hft the es. I heard there is a way you pay a fee per day and you can trade as many cars as u can trade all day long

    Also.... Is there just one exchange for the es? Unlike stocks with many
  2. Paying a daily rate for trading unlimited # of ES contracts is just a rumor you heard. Even having a seat on the exchange will not get you an unlimited daily rate. The ES is only offered by the CME. The govt is coming down hard on HFTs that try to quote stuff and market manipulation.

    And are you really an HFT trader with access to powerful, superfast computers and colocation next to the exchanges? Something tells me you are not. If you were really an HFT person you wouldn't be asking dumbass questions on this site.
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    An HFT trader of stocks would already know the answers involving the S&P 500 Emini ES futures. Yet, if you're in a different country while trading stocks as an HFT on a foreign exchange outside the U.S...I'm sure you folks must know how to use Google to quickly know what exchange any trading instrument is on.
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    the cme is the only exchange for the es contract
    No one price for unlimited contracts. your pay on every r/t comm ( buy/sell)
    You should call the cme for all the facts
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    Lease a seat and get member rates.

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    i doubt u are a HFT guy. HFT guys are higher educated. They know what to do to lower the rates.
  7. HFT guys avg iq = 75