What are the lowest commissions for e-mini futures for index trading.(Lower than IB)

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    I am currently trading with IB and do about 100 contracts a month and might increase volume.Any firms recommended for a lower commission than $4.80 with IB.
  2. TransAct Futures is $3.42 per RT if you do 363 RT's/mo. There are lower, but likely not as good (barring leasing a seat, etc)
  3. You have to differentiate between commissions and fees. The fees can only be changed through membership or leasing. Once you pay your exchange and clearing fees, the rest is commission that goes to IB or TransAct or any other broker.

    Once you figure out what your base fees are, then you will have some foundation to discuss commissions from. You then will know what is negotiable and how hard you must push. Most people don't realize that you don't have to pay what they tell you.
  4. futures 71 educated me on that. the base fee's to all non members is $1.64 rt per contract and the rest is commissions. the dow emini at transact is $1.64 plus $1.10 rt which equals z$2.74 rt for 36 rt's a month which is still 30% cheaper than ib. ia s again is transact fast and relaibel and reputable
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    Does Transact clear their own trades? Is there minimum account for these rates?
  6. 36 RT a month or a day? Does the same commission apply to ES, ER2, NQ? What are the combos (fees + comms) for ER2, ES, NQ?

  7. Obviously, there is one clear difference between Transact and IB when it comes to transparency. Transact is about as transparent about their fees and commissions as is mud... Just visit their webpage...

    Here is the info you get from the fee page:

    'TransAct Futures is committed to always providing aggressive and competitive pricing.

    Please call Bill Zimmerman at 1-877-TRADE-03 (877-872-3303) or email our sales professionals at sales@TransActFutures.com.

    We're anxious to show you how TransAct can improve your trading edge.'

    That's BS. These people are light years away from the integrity of IB. I am surprised that Global is getting so much flak here for the same type of policy while Transact is being recommended here...
  8. i meant 367 or so rt's no 35. and the emini's are like $3.42 roundtrip
  9. what is transact doing wrong? becasue they don't lsit there commissions on line?is global as cheap as transact. are you saying transact is crooked?i mean 500 bucks intraday amrgin means for 10k can control 20 or so contracts
  10. READ page 19 of the customer agreement............then you decide how "up front" transact is.
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