what are the jobs that make millions ?

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  1. Hi,

    Just a random question. Hoping some of u guys may have the knowledge to it.

    I was just looking at finance as a job or career. And apparently for most of the case if u look on career builders or through a recruiter for analyst, trader, consultant, etc position...u get paid a decesent income and a descent bonus.

    However, sometimes when u look on the news they'll mention stuff about wallstreet where some trader or banker have base salaries or bonuses in millions at the age of 28 or 29. My question is where can I find a job like that versus the average finance job?

    Can I just be a normal graduate, study my CFA, work at a firm, Get my MBA and expect to find a job or be qualified for a job that might allow me to make millions? or will I most likely end up with a normal salary in finance? thanks
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    no. yes.
  3. just trade make plenty moneys

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    having read all your posts i can only say good lucking even finding a below average finance job

    it's fun to dream though eh
  5. why you didn't see my post, what you know what

    OP can trade super easy and fast and can be teached
  6. 1) Find someone who will give you money.
    2) Create a company and become the CEO
    3) Bring the company public.
    4) Get on Jim Cramer's Mad Money and pump the stock.
    5) Sell all your shares during the pump.

    Bam. You have made millions...
  7. Yep
  8. What jobs make millions? How about engineering? I have made almost $2mil as an engineer.

    But it took me more than 25 years! :p
  9. I think this is an important point. To build wealth you can control a couple of things: income and expenses. Most folks focus on income but most of the millionaires I know focus at least as much (or more) on lowering expenses.

    It's less fun to plan for wealth 20 years out -but I like to have plans with multiple timeframes. Regardless of what happens in the short term I try to always make progress with the long-term plan.
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