What are the great names of bond traders?

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  1. What are the great names (of individuals/ funds/ firms/ products/ etc. in the field) of bond traders?

    Please contribute. Thanks!
  2. Harry Ballsack
  3. Gary Biekfeldt of BLH, as listed on Market Wizards.
  4. Hardy Brumfield, Harris Brumfield
    Bill Gross
  5. Here is another one:

    "Charlie D.: The Story of the Legendary Bond Trader (Hardcover)
    by William D. Falloon "

    Charles DiFrancesca, or "Charlie D" as he was known throughout the financial world, was perhaps the greatest trader of his time. What Warren Buffett is to stocks and George Soros to hedge funds, Charlie D was to treasury bonds.

  6. Tom Baldwin and Charlie D. were the two biggest in the bond pit back in the 80's. As far as I know, however, Baldwin doesn't have much money anymore. Charlie D. died in his early thirties of cancer. Everyone I've talked to said he not only a great trader, but a great person too.
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    Remember, the bond traders were the ones who forced Bill Clinton to scale back his ambitious plan
    for public investments in education and health care. They even turned Clinton into a deficit hawk.
    I saw it with my own eyes. The same bond traders may force George Bush to back down on his plans,

  8. Harris.
  9. Michael Milken?

    "Liar's Poker"

    Liar's Poker follows two different story threads, though not necessarily in chronological order.

    The first thread is autobiographical, and follows Lewis through his college education and his hiring by Salomon Brothers in 1986. This part of the book gives a first-person account of how bond traders and salesmen truly work, their personalities, and their culture.

    The second thread is a sort of history of Salomon Brothers and overview of Wall Street in general, especially how the firm single-handedly created a market for mortgage bonds and made the firm wealthy, only to be outdone by Michael Milken and his junk bonds.

  10. Which Harris? Harris Brumfield, Brent Harris of PIMCO or else?
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