what are the good blogging sites for forex trading?

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    Any suggestions?
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    Yes, but probably not (from me) one you wanted/expected to hear ...

    For the reasons I explained in the longer post I referred you to a few minutes ago in another thread, I think that until you have quite a bit of experience under your belt, you should avoid trying to learn from "blog sources". You probably don't yet have the skill-set to be able to determine which are information and which are misinformation, and there are (for various reasons, some of them quite complicated and obscure) far more of the latter than the former.
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  3. I've never traded forex, but I'm of the belief that "Price Chart TA" works on all issues traded*. The price chart shows you what players are doing with their money... suggest you spend the time to learn about it. Our objective as traders is to "get in tune" with that as best we can.

    * Be prepared for some to respond... "What, are you NUTS? TA doesn't work at all". I'll leave it to you to determine which are the idiots.

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