What are the downsides to TradeStation?

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  1. I signed up this week for the free 30 day trial they are running right now. Does anyone else use this software? Does anyone dislike this software? Any input would be helpful.
  2. - A bit buggy.
    - Minimal interest paid on money in your account if you plan on using them as your brokerage.
    - Can only backtest single securities rather than then whole portfolios - in others - no real, portfolio based money management.
  3. Toonces


    Frozen quotes. Almost constantly.
  4. Prevail

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    I've always been with ts as it meets my needs. however the smaller the bar interval the less I trust their data. what do do you need?
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    I don't think it is free. It isn't live streaming data unless you pay $50.00 for it. They have a 15 minute delay. Worthless trial.

    Unless they changed their policy. This was a few months back.
  6. I just need a brokerage software that has good charting and a wide range of technical analysis tools. I also like the idea that you only pay per share when trading instead of flat fees--it makes it a lot cheaper to add to already held positions.

    Are there any other software packages that I should look at that offer these things?
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    My ONLY complaint is how slow Tradestation can be on a weak computer. Its a resource pig.

    It can bring any average computer to its knees if you open enough workspaces/charts with lots of indicators. There is no warning or reminder.

    When the market takes off, the CPU pegs the meter, the quotes fall behind and you can't buy/sell anything.
  8. Surdo


    You still pay Exchange fees on a "Free" Trial.
    Do not even try to run TS with less than 512K RAM.
  9. I used it for two years. But I outgrew it. It's a great charting/indicator package, in my opinion. Widely supported. Very expensive. It doesn't sound like you'll be using the backtesting/AT features, so I won't even go there yet.

    Though I don't use it anymore, for someone just starting I would say it's a pretty good wat to start, especially if you can hit the minimum trades to get the platform fee waived. Otherwise, it is totally overpriced, in my opinion. Interactive Brokers is much better.
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