What are the downsides of hiring a prostitute?

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  1. OK, presumably folks around here are busy, successful professionals. (I know, big assumption.) Skipping the reasons why and whynot, let's evaluate placing a trade in the world of the oldest profession. What is the risk/reward, positive or negative expectation, and can there be an edge?
  2. there are no downsides.
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    just be sure to wear your raincoat.
  4. Could you add a little more detail to your reasoning?

    What are the potential downsides and how do you avoid them or why did you discount them?

    Thanks for playing.
  5. In all weather conditions? All??
  6. pbj


    Just be sure that your wife does not find out.
  7. lwlee


    Hmm, how about disease, robbery, arrest and damnation?

    Other than that, I'm all for it.

  8. Little??
  9. clap on *clap*clap*

    clap off *clap*clap*

    clap on clap off, the clapper.
  10. Sure if you are talking about street walkers.

    C'mon this is ET. Think "high priced rice".
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