What are the differences in these (Anvil) hot keys?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ggreggerh, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. I use anvil and have a quick question. What do the following keys do and what are the differences?

    OESI Bid Close half plus
    OESI Bid Adj
    SDOT NX Sell Market
    SDOT NX Sell plus 1
  2. i'm with anvil i don't know the first 2 keys but the sdot nx market is a true market order which can be set for like a market order for up to 30 cents. the second sdot nx plus 1 is not a market order but a limit order were the line comes up and you can adjust the price. are you in an office or remote with assent? anvils the best software out there
  3. I trade in the houston office. I was looking for the keys these guys were talking about in the la office called "auto-ex" which are supposed to be great. I forgot to ask which ones they were. I most often use the SDOT limit orders which pops up a box where I can adjust arca-isld-brut-cse-nys-etc as well as my price, but sometimes dont get filled as often as i like.