What are the charting software used in youtube vids?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lowhm, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I saw those video on youtube commenting on the market which allow the author to quick switch chart and draw using a pen.

    Can someone advise what is the software used for that purpose?

    I would like to take down chart as part of my journal and draw some pointers and notes on the chart and save it.

    Would like to know if there is a charting software meant for that instead of what I'm doing now.
    Which is to do a print screen of a chart and edit the screen capture on a MS Paint.


  2. Camtasia which costs 3 figures.

    Also CamStudio which is free.
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    Sorry for the late reply.

    I was trying to get a trial on the software and try it out.

    I was thinking the software can do the drawing.

    What I meant was not to record the session to post on youtube, what I wanted the software to do is to draw a few free hand lines or circles here and there and drop a few text note on the chart itself.

    Like the one I have attached.
    The author draw on the chart highlighting the support with a pen like red line when capturing it on camtasia.

    What I am doing now is to capture the screen and paste it on MS Paint and then do a few drawing there.
    But MS Paint is also feature limited.

    Thus, I wanted to know if there is any charting software and simply imaging software that can allow me to do drawing on the chart with relative ease.

    Any idea?


  4. draw a marker in camtasia. you dont need paint
  5. You can do free hand drawing and text annotation on your screen using CamStudio as well.

    I've tried both and I'm starting to find that Camtasia feels a bit clunky now. I prefer CamStudio because it's simpler and more streamlined.

    For posting screen shots of charts here and other message boards I use PicPick. It's free and you can capture your chart and go straight to a built-in editor. There you can add text, lines, etc and save it. This integrated editor is much better and easier to use than paint.

    I use TinyPic Uploader to upload my screen caps to tinypic (free picture hosting) to post here. Also TinyPic Uploader can capture screen regions or an active window and immediately upload it to TinyPic. This is handy if you don't need to annotate.
  6. these videos were made with camtasia, http://protrader.net/new/en/broker/support/demos/

    i am sure for 99.9% because they are using camtasia' plugin on the site...
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    Thanks for all the input!

    I think I got it this time.

    Thanks again. :D