What are the chances the SPX will be up on Friday!

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What are the chances the SPX will be up on Friday!

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  1. 100% up room to go!

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  2. 50-50% Undecided

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  3. 100% down down down!

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  1. Bulls won today. I am betting down tomorrow!
  2. This same question every day?! Personally I always ask my dog what he thinks, but he just looks at me and tilts his head, then walks away.
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    Is this part of a school project or something?
  4. Actually, I changed the question: "Friday" not "Thursday"

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    I'll let you in a little secret, Tomorrow is UP

    when tomorrow is up, just chalk me up as lucky

    because no one can predict the market ..........right ???? :)
  6. How much money are you going to bet?

    What do you trade (SPY or ES)?

    Also, looking at the SPX intraday chart...looks like a to me because the bears seem in charge between 1052am - 1238pm est.

    After 1238pm est the bulls showed up to push it back upwards to almost where the bears had showed up.

    Simply, looks like Shorts and Longs did good today if you weren't long between 1052am - 1238pm est nor Short between 1238pm - 4pm est.

    However, if you take a look at the actual Advance Decliner stats for today (Thursday)...

    It looks like the following should be the obvious winner or loser:

    * NYSE: Bears won a unanimous decision

    * Nasdaq: Bears won a split decision

    * AMEX: Bulls won on a unanimous decision

    Thus, via the exchange stats, the Bears won 2 out of 3 fights.


    Therefore, I'm very curious at what info your using to determine that the Bulls won unless your talking about the AMEX???

    It's possible your only looking at the difference between Open and Close of the same trading day or between the Close of today in comparison to the Close of the prior day.

    If that's the case, your probably swing trading from one trading day to the next.

  7. DOW will be down 500 pt's in pre-market futures at 8:30 as we are in the 2nd Great Depression but no body knows it...lol

    8:30am USD Nonfarm Employment Change High Impact Expected
    [View Detail for This Event]
    8:30am USD Unemployment Rate High Impact Expected
    [View Detail for This Event]

    Seriously, #'s shouldn't be too bad. DOW gaps up maybe 20 points at open and pisses it away and we close down 41.64 on the day.

    The shit hits the fan Monday with bad news(higher interest rates) out of Asia Sunday night(But I've been predicting that for the last month and it's not happening. We really need some kind of Asian Contagion for Christ's sake. :p

  8. Oh dear, my caculations show the dow down 41.63...did I get something wrong?
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    Job numbers due out tomorrow at 8:30am should move the market. I dont think it even matters what the numbers are, the market will most likely take it as a positive. The ADP report today showed that there was 150,000 new jobs created in June, those numbers are usually off.
  10. I love 100% up room to go with ZERO risk
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