what are the chances that someone w/ fewer that 100 post is a winning trader

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  1. IMHO....0.0001%
  2. I remember my 100th post on elite trader just like if it was yesterday. What a milestone in my career it was, the joy, the tears, the feeling of accomplishment.
  3. whats that have to do on wether someone is a winning trader or not?

    maybe they are new to the site but not new to trading.

    besides, number of posts mean nothing.

    its what you say not how many times you say something. lots of people are always posting silly shit or funny links.

    utterly annoying

    by the way..... isnt this clip adorable??

  4. I wouldn't give yourself too much credit Sky. I stayed away because it was construed as advertising. I've been around awhile, and my main problem with ET is the lack of informed traders. If you need more information you can see my profile.
  5. I think a better thread would be "what are the changes someone w/ greater than 5000 posts is a winning trader?"

  6. wouldn't you say that # of posts & % chance of being a winning trader is correlated?
  7. I think a better gauge would be to see how long they have been here. I've lost count of all the traders who appeared to be great traders but are not around any more.
  8. LOL, look at stock777 and stocktrad3r if you want to disprove your theory. One of the top traders I know of here has been registered since 01 and has fewer posts than me. A guy who is rumored to put higher p/l than him has even fewer posts. So it's inversely correlated, but lack of posts in of itself is not a causal predictor of trading success, though it is more so than abundance of posts.
  9. My portfolio is GREEN. I'm a winning trader. I have less than 100 posts.

    I am leveraged Long.
  10. 100%.
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