What are the chances that GE becomes bankrupt or reduce their dividend within 5 years

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by crgarcia, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. GE is a screaming buy to me.

    Any downsides?
  2. Yes, they got involved in consumer financing.
  3. GE is shit. Going to $5

    AA going to 4
  4. TGregg


    Holy Shiite! Is this the long awaited bottom signal?
  5. Nope.

    Turder has been hating a select few stocks for some time, including GE.

    He even hated GE when he made his famous Dow 95,000 call a year ago.

  6. considering that you've been WRONG on absolutely EVERY call you've made in the past 6 months, I'm going to take this as a bullish signal and pick up 1,000 shares of each (both are holding up relatively well today)
  7. Being a long term investment I can tolerate fluctuations in the stock price as long as they don't DRASTICALLY reduce their dividend.

    A 25% reduction in dividend is still OK for me.
  8. Probably makes sense for GE to omit the dividend.

    It makes no sense to pay 1.24 annually. They can probably do better with the money and deleverage themselves further, buy back stock.

    They could over time get down to 8.5 billion shares

    retain for 3-4 years. Right now handing out the money makes no sense really, its not like they are generating cash in excess of what they could use.