What are the best technical indicators?

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    What are the best technical indicators? for daily trading or prop. trading? Which give an accurate description of where the market is going?
  2. http://www.robertwcolby.com/RelativeAdvantage.html

    As you can see, it appears that the "simpler-the-better" rule applies here. Note the horrible performance of put-call ratios and public short ratios, and other "sophisticated" measurements and statistics.
  3. Although a study like this is really only of casual interest.

    One man's terrible indicator is another man's holy grail.

    And without a lot more information regarding exit strategies, entry timing, etc. etc. it's really useless to try and apply information like this.
  4. Just purchase Colby's book to get an understanding of his underlying approach and methodology.
  5. None. These types of indicators only lead to consistency after the trader has spent countless hours acclimating themselves to them. Indicators on their own, without an experienced trader behind them, suck.

  6. What indicators you use ?
  7. you didn't listen to what Cocaine said. It's the long hours learning to apply the indicators that matters...
  8. Price & Volume

    - Spydertrader
  9. A penny with two sides works as good any technical indicator.
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