What are the best prop firms in NYC

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  1. What are the best (most admired/prestigious) prop trading firms, if there are any, in NYC? What does anyone know about Generic, AB Watley and First New York Securities? Please share your info with me as I am trying to decide on a firm to seek out. Thanks
  2. I've traded in the NYC BRIGHT office (summer of 2001) and found it quite professional, well run and well managed.

    It's close to Wall Street and had a good view of the people and city below.

    They also have an office on Long Island somewhere.


  3. Without a doubt, SHILL SECURITIES, INC..is the best...lowest prices, best software and incredible support...if you do 500k share er day they are the one
  4. Isn't their platform called the Shiller?
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    I trade at Shill. Great bunch of guys. Commissions down to 0.0001 per share with free bullets. PM me for more info.
    :D :D :D
  6. WHAT!!???? You are paying wayyyyy too much....PM ME and I can get you set up with my SHILL, LLC hedge fund!!!
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    Wow!!! Thanks TM you are saving me a bundle. I realize that I signed a non-disclosure with you so I cannot reveal my new rock-bottom rates I'm getting with your LLC.
  8. what's their website?

    also, answering your question:

    The Pig would win, because he has a lower center of gravity.
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    Seriously though, the one's that pay you a salary while you learn and require no capital will be the most difficult to get into. I don't know if that equals most prestigious or most admired. So out of your list I think that would only leave is First New York Securities.
  10. Uh, who do they clear through?

    Or, is this non disclosed also?
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