What are the best parameters to use for the full stochastic indicator

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    I use 3,5 slow stochastics on my 2 min chart.
  2. 69 and 8.
  3. 5,5,2 is good. :)
  4. George Lane claimed 7 3 3 were his favorite settings.

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    There is a big difference when you change these numbers.
    I tried both of these: 5,5, 2 and 7,3,3 they both look good. It is hard to decide.
    Other thing: my platform has 4 options for slow stoch
    % Da5, Ds5,D5, K 3 period
    I don't even know if I set these numbers in the right box :)

    Thank you for replies
  6. It might depend on the security being traded.
  7. I use one minute chart and white out the first line and use only the second one(7) but you need more than that one indicator to trade successfully.:D
  8. The best parameters for a stoch are to know what it really is:

    - draw a channel of 5 days
    - look at the close of this bar vs the high low for the last 5 days .... thats your fast stoch
    - imagine smoothing it out with a ma (mas) ... thats your slow and slower stochs
  9. What will your settings be when it overloads?:p
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